Musique Machine by Jennifer Wallis

Heathen Harvest by Jim Haynes

Son Of Flies by Christian Montagna

Side-Line by SF

ATTN:Magazine by Jack Chuter

Battle Helm by Anders Ekdahl


Reviews of “MIDORI” (CD, Cold Spring Records, 2018)

Obskure Magazine

Dark Entries

Lux Atenea

Noise Receptor

Vital Weekly

No Melody

Chain DLK


Side-Line Reviews

Son Of Flies

Ver Sacrum

Musique Machine

Rosa Selvaggia

Botho (Straussian)

Darkroom Magazine 

recensione midori blow up

Blow Up (June ’18) by Paolo Bertoni


Reviews of “MINE” (LP + download code, Cold Spring Records, 2017 || CD, Cold Spring Records, 2018)

Stranded Records by Jim Haynes

The Noise Beneath The Snow


Archaic Triad

Nonpop by Endsal

Chain D.L.K. by Andrea Piran

Rosa Selvaggia by M/B’06

Midlands Metalheads

Scene Point Blank by Spyros Stasis

Vital Weekly by Frans De Waard

Ver Sacrum by Mrs Lovett

Lux Atenea by Felix V. Diaz

Cultures in Decay

Darkroom Magazine by Alessandro Filippozzi

Vital Weekly (cd version)

NOmelody Magazine

Side-Line Reviews


Reviews of Rumspringa (CD, Cold Spring Records, 2015)

Review on Heathen Harvest by Kate MacDonald

Review on SWQW by Melanie Meyer

Review on Aquarius Records

Review on SIDE-LINE

Review on Alternativ Musik by Tristan Osterfeld

Review on Darkroom Magazine by Michele Viali

Review on Rosa Selvaggia by Oflorenz

Review on Mentenebre by Fernando O. Paino

Review on Chain D.L.K. by Andrea Piran

Review on Musique Machine by Hal Harmon

Review on Peek A Boo by William LIENARD

Review on Sounds behind the corner by Lorenzo Nobili

Review on Vital Weekly by FdW

Review on NONPOP by Endsal

Review on A closer listen by David Murrieta

Review on The New Noise by Fabrizio Garau

Review on Deaf Sparrow by Cole Olson

Review on Son of Flies by Christian Montagna

ZT interview



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