She spread sorrow is chastity

She spread sorrow is discipline

She spread sorrow is denial

She spread sorrow is a ritual deathscape, obscure Death Industrial, sinful Power Electronics project run by Alice Kundalini



She spread sorrow is the solo project run by Alice Kundalini from Italy since 2014 (active with the power electronics project Deviated Sister TV since 2006 to 2014) and out for Cold Spring Records. Ritual deathscape, obscure death industrial, sinful power electronics: her concept albums are trips into distorted faith, repressed desires, guilt and punishment. She loves to use images, photos and videos to complete her work with visuals contribute by photographers and video makers.  She played all over Europe and she attended some international festivals (Little Festival in Gdansk, She Makes Noise in Madrid, United Forces of Industrial in London, Destination Morgue in Rome, Varvara Festival in Turin, Brutal Assault at Jaroměř – Czech Rep., etc).  Midori is the latest album, out in March 2018 on Cold Spring Records. Now she is touring in Europe to promote Midori. On September 2018 was released the re-edition of the sold out vinyl “Mine” in CD version with 2 bonus tracks.

This is radical industrial music at its best, inviting the listener to explore the sensuality of the forbidden, the ‘unknown pleasures’ awaiting at the heart of damage.” (David Murrieta on A Closer Listen)

“…’intensity’, ‘experience’, ‘strangeness’… She Spread Sorrow, also known as Alice Kundalini, certainly knows how to do that… [she] gets under your skin and because she’s not always blowing to smithereens her music is much creepier than some of the other boys in black brigade.” (Frans De Waard on Vital Weekly)

Available releases – http://store.coldspring.co.uk/ :

  • Rumspringa (CD, Cold Spring Record, August 2015)
  • Mine (LP + download code, Cold Spring Records, May 2017)
  • Midori (CD, Cold Spring Record, March 2018)
  • Mine (CD + 2 bonus tracks, Cold Spring Records, September 2018)

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