New Reviews of Midori

New reviews of Midori on Son Of Flies, Musique Machine, Ver Sacrum, Blow Up magazine.

Link and other reviews here.

Midori takes the listener through a winding corridor of dark soundscapes, crafted through a restrained use of electronics and Kudalini’s softly spoken vocals (almost whispered at times). As with Rumspringa, there is a story being told under all the dark electronics. The note accompanying the album speaks of “a house that is the scene of fear and anguish” and “a soul that is lost in pain to an epilogue of death and purification.” Music for me, especially that which resides within the experimental prism, often translates into images in my brain. It’s a vehicle for storytelling, even in the absence of words or what the artist may have intended. It’s very akin to a cinematic experience. And it is with this mindset that Midori weaves a bleak and wicked web in my mind.

From Musique Machine review by Hal Harmon



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